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Design Learning Sessions for Adults

US7093 - Version 3 I've realized that it's easier for me to create an online journal to help me with documenting the concepts I have learned from both reading the materials and resources and learning-by-doing = application in class.

i am a mirror with no reflection
So let's talk a little bit about the things you may not know. For example, you'd like to think I'm this sweet innocent being who has nothing but goodness to spread about the lands, right? Sure, you'd say I have my moments like anyone else, I've probably shared a few with you already, but did you know that this person who strongly desires to be so good-- so great, is really just a shallow, insecure, mixed-up, judgmental little girl? Do you know that I can't seem to keep a good thing going for very long? Do you know that I can't keep my focus on one project for more than a day without losing all hope over it? Would you know that secretly, I despise so many things about this world, about the people in it, that I pray each day for God to make me stronger and more capable to handle all that I see? Would you believe if I told you that when I see people, I don't first see them for who they are? I focus on who I think they should be. I pay more... (more)

My Nitid Notebook
"NO" is the right answer....
Today, the fate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be changed forever. Scotland will hold a referendum on independence; and the momentum is firmly with the pro-independence ‘Yes’ camp led by Alex Salmond. Sitting here in Mumbai, thousands of miles away, and having never even seen that country, I still hope that Scotland remains within the UK. For me, a half Tamil, half Bengali and full Indian, living in a land where a hundred nations coexist and a thousand cultures flourish, the Scottish demand for independence seems to be singularly selfish and short-sighted. Are the Scots trying to break free to protect their identity? Are they trying to unshackle themselves from economic slavery? The answer on both counts seems to be overwhelmingly negative. Scotland has its own identity within the United Kingdom. That identity has, if anything, been flourishing over the past few decades. Any decently aware person knows that Scotland... (more)

My dear audience: How long has it been? Too long. Way too long since I was in touch. I wonder how you're doing and what has been happening with you and everything. On this side of the cyber-space fence... there are changes both good and not-so-good; I am trying to balance things or find the right balance and handle things so that we don't fall off into the deep end - metaphoric speak. I am terribly 'alone' when ever I cannot write - no matter the reason and I miss you so solidly it's a wonder I don't fall off the edge of the universe! It feels like it actually and I just hope there will be better times ahead. Don't worry too much if my letters are sparce at the moment. Please know you are (really are) in my thoughts.... Love from me xx

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